CNN: "Americans Watching More TV Than Ever"

According to a Sept 8, 2014 report on CNN, Nielsen's latest cross-platform report -- a quarterly source of data about behavioral trends -- reaffirms that traditional television still reigns supreme. The average American still watches more than 4.5 hours of live TV each and every day.

Viewership on computers and smartphones among 35- to 49-year-olds grew an amazing 80% in the year-over-year period. Consumption grew 60% among 50- to 64-year-olds, showing a tendency to try new technologies and find new ways to watch shows. Still, digital viewership is a pittance compared to big-screen TV viewing for now.

From my point of view, actual viewership of TV is nearly irrellevant. I advise my clients to do as I do and Market the Marketing -- make sure that my customers, clients, and prospects know that I am on TV, see my videos, my promotional videos created around my appearances and to leverage my appearances.

But it is nice to have ammunition agains inferior marketing systems to mine who try to scare people into thinking that "TV is dead." Far from it!


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