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Live Events with Clint Arthur

Clint's celebrity-making events have set world famous new standards for personal, professional, and spiritual transformation in the Marketing, Publicity, PR, and Self-Help industries.

Unlike everyone else, Clint Arthur is STILL doing LIVE IN-PERSON EVENTS for smart people who are courageous enough to SHOW UP. In August Clint and his amazing wife Ali produced 4 LIVE EVENTS, in Dallas, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

Upcoming 2020 events include trainings in Acapulco in October, Celebrity Launchpad 48 in November at Bellagio Las Vegas, and multiple LIVE New York City trainings & events in December. ALL OUR EVENTS WERE PRODUCED AND DELIVERED AS PROMISED in 2020.

If you are sick of being a victim in the WAR ON SMALL BUSINESS, grab your balls and SHOW UP with our COMMUNITY of SUCCESSFUL, UNSTOPPABLE Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Advisors, Consultants, Experts & Entrepreneurs.

Celebrity Transformation & Personal Branding Experience Guarantees:

  • On-line and In-Person Celebrity Transformation Experience with Clint Arthur

  • 3 ON-AIR Appearances with ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News/Talk shows Guaranteed or your Money Back + $1000

  • Clint's Personal TV Show Rolodex

  • Weekly Celebrity Entrepreneur Mentorship, Performance Coaching & Continuing Education on How To Make Money with Celebrity Entrepreneurship

Thought Leadership & Marketing Asset Creation Mentorship:

  • HD Pro "Speaker Video"in High Status Venues with Large Audience ​

  • Expert Authority Positioning & Assets

  • Training on Maximizing ROI

  • Network of High-Net Worth Peers

  • Celebrity Attachment with International Superstars

Impact Influence & Income Mastery in Paradise

  • How to Expand Your Concept of Time

  • How to Convert Work Into Vacation

  • How to Learn & Earn While Playing

  • Grow While Relaxing, Achieve More Doing Less

  • How to Use Your Hands & Smile to Make More Money

  • What You Should Wear to Be Most Effective

  • Dr. Oz’s Secrets for How You Can Be More, Do More and Have More

  • How To Get Everything You Can Out Of Everything You’ve Got So You Can Have Everything You Want

  • 3 Stories you MUST ALWAYS tell!

  • How To Position Yourself as a VIP Speaker to get Jobs / Gigs / Contracts


Celebrity Entrepreneur

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